An evening elixir for little people
Mark the gentle shift of the seasons with a winter picnic
November in the Northern Hemisphere marks a not so subtle shift from Autumn to Winter. Most of the leaves have fallen and the mornings are cold and icy…
Mason Jar Luminaries
Late autumn explorations
Family Rhythms for Slow Living
Autumn foraging and syrup making
Slow practices for the autumn harvest
Finding slow, cultivating simple, exploring the wild
Make a warm beverage to curl up with for slow autumn days
8. Learning happens all the timeListen now (29 min) | A little ramble about the struggles with virtual learning, the real purpose of education, and what really matters when supporting…
7. Everything is InterconnectedListen now (16 min) | A brief ramble on holism and how it relates to how we live. Recorded spontaneously while my kids read books at my feet. Because…